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Everyone should have an estate plan

Michigan residents and others may feel as if thinking about their mortality will actually lead to their demise. However, as everyone will die at some point, it is a good idea to get around to creating an estate plan. At a minimum, an individual should have a will regardless of their economic standing.

DIY estate planning may come with hidden costs

For those inclined to do-it-yourself, the internet provides all but unlimited resources for just about any imaginable topic. There can be significant benefits to be gained from DIY projects, such as personal satisfaction and autonomy, but mostly they are undertaken as a cost-saving matter for important but expensive projects. For example, one can learn on YouTube how to fix a clogged kitchen drain or troubleshoot an automobile check engine light warning and find useful information. While there is no shortage of online sites offering DIY estate planning help, it's more difficult to know whether the information provided is accurate, up to date, and relevant for Michigan residents.

Michigan wants licensing for all medical marijuana shops

Unlicensed medical marijuana shops in Michigan will very likely need to obtain licenses once the state government establishes a process. The latest vote in the House of Representatives on the matter set a deadline of June 1 for unlicensed sellers to close if they wanted to qualify for a medical marijuana selling permit.

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