Michigan has joined the states wherein it is legal to buy and sell recreational and medical marijuana. If you are thinking about opening a business when the option becomes available, have you given thought to the point-of-sale system you will use to accept payments?

Street Fight breaks down several systems designed specifically for cannabis sales. Study up on them to see what makes them so special in regards to how you handle cannabis sales.

Green Bits

With Green Bits, you do not have to worry as much about shifting compliance regulations. This is because the POS system syncs your data with Michigan’s traceability system. If you like, you can also make use of the system’s loyalty program for your customers.


If you desire to streamline customer preferences, IndicaOnline could be the ideal system for your cannabis dispensary or delivery business. The system allows you to keep track of your inventory and manage your vendors.


The appeal of Flowhub is in the way it lowers your business losses, boosts transaction speeds and provides you with an uptick in overall sales. The system automates compliance for your convenience, and you can also program limits so you do not run the risk of going over state transaction limits.

MJ Freeway

Streamline back- and front-end operations with MJ Freeway. The POS system keeps track of your customer data, handles transactions and takes care of accounting as well as payroll. MJ Freeway is also optimized with scalability in mind, allowing you to keep using the system should you decide to expand your cannabis business to multiple locations in the future.

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.