With recreational marijuana legalized in Michigan, there is a plethora of legal issues that citizens and legal officials need to address in the future. When a law changes, there are always going to be periods of adaption and adjustment to the law. While other states have shown the way for legal recreational marijuana, they have also given Michigan ideas on how to combat marijuana arrests or usage in undesignated areas.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency or MRA created emergency rules for 6 months following July 3, 2019. These rules include designated consumption establishment licenses. These rules are temporary until the MRA can draft formal guidelines.

A designated consumption establishment is any commercial space that has a license that allows adults over 21 years of age to consume marijuana on the premises. These businesses cannot sell marijuana, however, without a license for retailers. Business can attain both licenses. Any applicant can pursue a designated consumption establishment license. Applicants will have to undergo background checks and must be able to describe their facility and their business plans.

Designated consumption establishments must have locations that qualify. You will need to seek approval from a municipality and create a facility suitable for use. For instance, if you plan for your patrons to smoke cannabis, then you have to have space for smoking and space for non-smokers.

These establishments provide a public space for people to indulge in cannabis without breaking the law. Most marijuana consumption is on private property.

This information is for educational purposes only. None of the above is to give legal advice on marijuana.