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When it comes to legal matters affecting you and your business, “an ounce of prevention beats a pound of cure.” We can help you develop all the tools to protect you from the things life can throw at you. Good planning will provide essential protections before your time of need arises, and you’ll be glad they’re in place, should you ever need them.

Our business law practice provides practical guidance — well-grounded in the law — for real-world success. Our comprehensive knowledge of business law and how it may affect your daily operations, including niche business operations such as those in the cannabis industry, is a valuable resource for your success. When business disputes threaten the smooth operation of your business, we provide proactive, goal-oriented solutions that take your goals and bottom line into account to achieve meaningful results.

Entrepreneurs, stakeholders, professionals and executives have unique needs in their professional and personal lives. The hands-on, agile attorneys at Veritas Law Group have years of experience helping people just like you protect their assets, their company and their livelihood. We provide strategic legal solutions at every stage of the business cycle — from startup to ongoing operations, as well as the issues related to transitions, including the acquisition or sale of an enterprise.

Our firm culture emphasizes streamlined services, teamwork and technology to provide you with the highest quality, the best value and the greatest service in meeting your legal needs.

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