Personalized And Detailed Representation For Transitioning A Business Or Professional Practice

You have worked hard to build a successful business and have decided that it’s time to move on. You want to maximize value to yourself, but you also want to ensure that your business continues to serve the needs of its clients or customers, continues to provide meaningful opportunities for your employees, and represents a good investment for the next generation.

At Veritas, we understand these priorities, and we are ready to help you and your business transition to the next phase. There are many items to tackle to ensure that you obtain the greatest possible return on your investment. Maximizing value means different things to different people, and we will work with you to define your objectives and formulate a plan for achieving those objectives. Whether the best plan involves transitioning to other current owners, family members or outside buyers, we will help you plan for a successful transfer because we recognize that each situation is unique and requires flexible planning. And of course, not all transitions are voluntary or occur based on the convenience of an owner. We can help you put in place appropriate contingency plans to address unexpected events like the death or disability of an owner.

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