Use Mediation To Resolve Your Legal Dispute

Some disputes are simply too deep to be resolved through informal negotiation or litigation. For these intractable disagreements, there are alternative forms of dispute resolution – the most common and useful form of alternative dispute resolution is called mediation. While litigation can be confrontational and stressful, mediation is designed to help two parties reach a mutually satisfactory compromise through discussion mediated by one or more attorneys. In one common configuration, each party is represented by a lawyer, and those lawyers work with a neutral third-party mediator to reach an acceptable compromise. There are other configurations as well – this can be tailored based on your specific needs.

The attorneys at Veritas Law Group include several trained mediators. In Illinois and Michigan, we are at the service of anyone facing a complex legal dispute who hopes to avoid the wasted time and cost of traditional litigation. At an initial consultation, we will help you determine if mediation is appropriate in your case.

Mediation Is An Option For Many Kinds Of Disputes

It’s worth considering the utility of mediation when facing almost any legal dispute, whether you are an individual or the owner of a small business. Our firm most frequently uses mediation to assist clients in cases, including:

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At Veritas Law Group, our highest priority is standing up for your interests and helping you reach the outcome you are seeking. Representing individuals and businesses in Michigan and Illinois, we offer personalized attention and customized legal strategies based on your specific needs.

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