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Every piece of real estate has the potential to spark a serious disagreement – perhaps between neighbors, between landlords and tenants, or between the owner and any number of other parties such as homeowners associations and construction firms. When informal negotiation fails to resolve the disagreement, real estate litigation may be the next step.

At Veritas Law Group, we understand that legal disputes have the potential to be expensive and time-consuming. That’s why we’re committed to helping you resolve your case as quickly as possible by providing thorough, timely answers to all of your questions as you navigate the litigation process. We pride ourselves on sharing our honest opinions as lawyers – if we think your case is weak, we will tell you so. Our goal to help individuals and businesses be heard in the legal system, and to use every method available under the law to help you obtain the outcome you are seeking.

Resolve Boundary Disputes And Other Matters Through Litigation

Our firm has significant experience in a wide range of real estate disputes, including:

  • Disputes arising from real estate transactions such as breach of contract, earnest money and escrow, and fraud
  • Boundary disputes, encroachments and easements
  • Land use and zoning disputes with regulators and other governmental bodies
  • Appeals in response to wrongful denial of previous zoning litigation
  • Landlord-tenant disputes over commercial leases
  • Mechanic’s liens for nonpayment in construction projects
  • Construction defects
  • Title insurance coverage disputes
  • Condemnation or adverse possession
  • Disputes regarding riparian water rights in cases where real estate borders a lake, river or another waterway

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