Personalized Probate And Estate Planning For Results

We all may recognize that a personalized estate plan can be a gift for our loved ones, as the plan lets them know our wishes. Yet, executives, entrepreneurs, individuals and professionals may delay putting together a personal estate plan. With the demands of a professional practice or a business entity occupying so much time, personal assets and thoughts of mortality are often left for another day. The thought of creating an estate plan may be daunting for any individual.

At Veritas Law Group, we understand the difficulties people face in this very personal process. For that reason, we guide individuals through the human process of creating an estate plan and selecting the most appropriate tools to achieve personalized goals. Our lawyers blend legal proficiency and human touch to meet the estate planning and probate goals of our clients.

Protecting Assets, Families And Legacies Through Tailored Estate Plans

If you’re like many of our clients, your business may be your primary personal asset. We’ll guide you through implementing estate plans that protect the fruits of your labor and ensure that these assets are transferred to the next generation in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

For young couples, our estate planning attorneys will provide you peace of mind related to your minor children by naming guardians and establishing trusts to preserve your wealth into the future for their benefit.

We also assist our clients in planning for the potential of becoming disabled by implementing durable powers of attorney, designations of patient advocate and living wills, and living trusts to manage their property.

Every estate plan is unique, and the probate and estate planning attorneys of Veritas Law Group will assist you in identifying your concerns and implementing an understandable plan that meets your individual needs.

We Take Care Of The Legal Burdens Of Probate Administration And Litigation

After loved ones pass away, we assist our clients in trust and probate administration. These matters often arise unexpectedly at highly emotional times in the wake of losing a loved one. We are sensitive to these issues, and we bring our substantial experience in this area to your support so you can focus your attention on grieving and not on court filings and legal minutia.

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