Thorough And Efficient Probate Representation

When a loved one passes away, if there are assets left titled in their name individually, there is often a need for the involvement of the probate court. The process of collecting and administering the deceased person’s assets and determining the deceased’s heirs is called a probate estate. At Veritas, probate is one of our unique specialties, and we can help you through the many obstacles that can arise in the event of probate. Similarly, we represent trustees in the administration of trusts.

We will make the probate and trust administration process simple and easy to understand. A probate estate can involve real estate, personal property, creditor claims, disputes among beneficiaries, or even dealing with foreclosures or auction companies. We have experience in dealing with these situations and will fight for you at every turn during this process.

Our attorneys handle a variety of matters in Michigan probate courts, including:

  • Administration of decedent estates
  • Probate litigation involving disputes among beneficiaries and personal representatives
  • Disputed creditor claims
  • Conservatorships and guardianships for minors and disabled individuals
  • Will contests
  • Judicial settlement agreements among beneficiaries
  • Protective orders
  • Small-estate proceedings

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